6 Steps to Getting Credit With Your Suppliers


Of course, you could avoid many of these financial problems by getting credit terms from your suppliers. The Supplier Credit Guarantee Program is a US Export Credit Guarantee Program that covers credit terms up to 180 days. The Commodity Credit Corporation guarantees a portion (up to 65%) of payments due from foreign buyers under financing that the exporters have extended directly to the buyers.

  • In general, if trade credit is offered to a buyer it typically always provides an advantage for a company’s cash flow.
  • The results, obtained from a large panel dataset, suggest that a series of factors affect prepayments.
  • Since the exporter is also called a supplier, the agreement is called the supplier credit in the ECA terminology.
  • Build business credit.Trade lines of credit help you establish business credit.

Since the foreign buyer is from another country this type of commercial contract includes export of goods or services from the exporter’s country and their import into the foreign buyer’s country. The export element in this contract is of significance for obtaining the ECA cover for the risk of non-payment of the credit by the foreign buyer. In the ECA context, the supplier in the supplier credit transaction is called the exporter, which could be a manufacturer of goods, a provider of services, or a trader or agent.

Supplier credit example

Using a sample of listed firms in China, we find that shared M&Ds play an important role in helping firms obtain trade credit. This favorable effect is strengthened for firms with higher information asymmetry, located in regions with lower social trust, operating in more innovative and heterogeneous industries, and experiencing greater financial constraints. Our findings support the proposition that shared M&Ds can reduce information asymmetry and build mutual trust between firms and their suppliers. This study contributes to the literature on the benefits of social connections within supply chain relationships and the literature on the economic consequences of interlocked managers and directors. Most existing trade credit theories that consider the effect of supplier competition predict trade credit provision to be negatively related to the supplier’s market power (see, e.g., Fisman, Raturi, 2004, Dass, Kale, Nanda, 2015, Fabbri, Klapper, 2016).

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  • He previously worked as a credit analyst for Credit Education Services.
  • The suppliers are chosen objectively, based on demonstrated commitment and ability to best meet Credit Suisse’s strategic objectives.

That is, even if the Suppliers Credit has made transactions of a large volume, the cash inflows may not be as high. It consists of acquiring the raw material necessary for the production process, assuming a commitment to pay in the future without interest charges. Extends terms of repayment for the Supplier Credit Program from 180 to 360 days, subject to appropriations to fund the additional costs of covering repayment of credit beyond 180 days.


The effect is strongest in 2008Q4, and larger for pre-crisis riskier, growth-oriented and bank-dependent firms and for firms that borrow from pre-crisis smaller, less profitable and better capitalized CPP banks. Our difference-in-differences analysis shows that the effect is caused by CPP and not by heterogeneity between firms, banks and time periods. Our study provides novel evidence that suggests a beneficial multiplier effect of bank bailouts. A B2B trade credit can help a business to obtain, manufacture, and sell goods before ever having to pay for them. This allows businesses to receive a revenue stream that can retroactively cover costs of goods sold.

How do I record my supplier credit?

  1. Select + New.
  2. Select Supplier credit.
  3. In the Supplier dropdown, select your supplier.
  4. Depending on how you record purchases with this supplier, enter the Category details or Item details. Usually, this is the category, product, or service you're getting a credit for.
  5. Select Save and close.

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