'Sreshta’s Saili'

Being part of nature in an economically sustainable manner is the motto of ‘Sreshta’s Saili’. In this direction, multiple investment options as per the budget, location choice and exit period time lines, investments are planned.  We guide you the possible alternatives, its upto you to decide, afterall its you money!

To give a more clarity , we have structured following Cash flow options to our investors:

  • Generating monthly revenue in resorts, Variable income based on the business which is seasonal in nature
  • Rental Income, It’s a fixed income where in Sreshta’s Saili lease out the premises and pay monthly rent irrespective of occupancy
  • Exit cash flows , Sreshta’s saili will ensure you get an acceptable exit amount based on a pre-defined understanding

For further understanding of the Cash flow structure, you can meet Sreshta’s Saili representative!

Why Sreshta’s Saili ?

Promoted by Financial Experts with a combined experience of 50 years, with an intent to develop Fairness in Farming World.

Typically Trust/Transparency is missing in real estate. Investment in Farming is even difficult considering the Legal, Techncial , Location , maintenance, Financing hurdles. All these limiataions leading to Investors running away from Farming investment option. With this back ground, Sreshta’s Saili is born to adress  A to Z of Farming investment options so that Nature is protected with a financial sustainable model. Sresht’s Saili is committed to two fundamental principles, Preserve Nature & Develop an economically viable Model for the investors. As an investor while making money, you are also contributing to a Cause , which is mother nature.

Being clear of Why, Lets get into How?

Sreshta’s Saili invests in Farms with multiple options ranging from monthly income to One time exit appreciation. Most of these programs are designed only to Investors with an intent to stay invested for minimum 3 years, its not gambling/ speculation, it’s a structured approach to Farm Estate Management. Pls interact with Sreshta’s Saili representative to get a complete understanding of all your queries. It’s suggested that you make a note of all your queries (How silly, simple it may be! Ask and understand then stay invested J)