Welcome to Sreshta's Saili Farms, where sustainable living meets modern luxury. Discover a new way of life that harmonizes with nature and offers unparalleled investment opportunities.


To pioneer sustainable living and elevate resort celebrations, curating communities that harmonize with nature while offering investors secure assets for long-term wealth creation.


Our mission is to redefine sustainable living through innovative farm living communities and luxurious resorts. We are committed to preserving architectural heritage, promoting nature preservation, and creating lasting memories for families. By offering diverse investment opportunities and enhancing stakeholders' experiences, we aim to create a legacy of wealth and environmental stewardship. Our capital-raising journey is designed to empower investors and community members to participate in our vision and benefit from our projects' success.


Running Projects

A serene farm living community blending modern comforts with nature's tranquillity. Explore sustainable homes, community gardens, farm-to-table dining, cultural programs, and much more.

The Ranch

Experience luxury in nature at The Ranch. Indulge in premium accommodations, pool parties, and a range of recreational activities.

Investment Opportunities

Investing in Sreshta's Saili Farms offers you the chance to build wealth while making a positive impact. Our projects provide attractive returns and long-term benefits, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come. Join us in creating vibrant communities and resorts that leave a lasting impact on our planet.

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